"Under the weather"

Well, I have been feeling a little under the weather the past few day, and still trying to maintain a household. CRAZY, right! There's one part of the day I look forward it's six o'clock. Daddy's home. I can finally rest and let someone take care of me for a change! However, between the runny nose, sneezing, and fever somehow I was still able to get a few pictures in the day.

One of my favorite pics is of Alexis with her daddy. There's just something about a dad with his daughter. The other night Jay was heading out to get dinner and Alexis wanted to go. So what does she do? Just what I did when I wanted something from my dad. She turned on the little girl charm. Daddy please, can I go? I love you daddy! Don't you love me? Don't you want me to go with you? Look at me daddy as she put her sweet little hand's on his face. It works every time. He can never say no to her. So he tells her YES after a heartfelt moment she gave him lol. What can I say, he's a sucker, and it gets him every time!

Well, I'm off to medicate myself and in hope's that a little girl will take a nap????? Yea right!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


"3 Scrapbook Layouts"

Not having a camera for sometime, I finally got one a few months ago. Man, I think I made up for lost time. I feel overwhelmed with pictures and trying to get caught up. So for the past couple days if been working on some layouts and wanted to share a few.

What a View!

"Spring has Sprung"

"Beauty Rest"

3 down and only 1,000 pictures to scrapbook. Just Kidding! Well, that's what it feels like!


" Lean on me"

What can I say? I LOVE THIS PICTURE! When my parents came up to visit they brought Alexis this adorable Teddy Bear. Instantly she fell in love with him. After my parents went back home to Florida, for days she would go into her room and just love on him. All she would do is talk about how her mama-net & papa Eddie gave her that teddy bear. Captured moments like this is why I love to scrapbook.
In this layout I used a wonderful collection of paper. Jenni Bowlin is an awesome designer and has a fabulous line. I could not think of a better set of paper to us.


"My Ring of Happiness"

I like to call this a ring of happiness. I just love the Photo Carousel from 7 gypsies. It's so unusual but an awesome way to display wonderful photos of the family. Although it's been a lot of work, I have enjoyed putting together a series of moments like this. The best part, I'm using all those scraps I have been saving up. Hope you enjoy and maybe you can start your own ring of happiness.


"Summer Days"

So I've been thinking, school is just around the corner. How crazy is that? WOW! Where has the Summer gone? It's here one minute, then gone the next. I remember growing up and the Summer days seemed to last forever. Now that I'm older with kids of my own time just fly's by.

This Summer has been the best Summer by far! For the first time my children have truly enjoyed every minute of their Summer. We have done so much the past few months to keep busy and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are the top few things my children said they enjoyed this SUMMER:

1. Going to the POOL
2. Trips to the PARK.
3. Wearing flip flops EVERYDAY!
4. Going out for ICE CREAM.
5. Hanging with FRIENDS.
6. The best week of V.B.S. (vacation bible school)!!!!!!!

Although I look forward to my favorite seasons of the year like Fall & Winter, I have enjoyed hanging out with my children this Summer! It's the warm weather, lazy days out by the pool, and little stops to the ice cram shop that have made me feel like a kids all over again.

Now I'm off to take advantage of the last few weeks of Summer with the "BEST FAMILY" ever before a crazy 9 months of school starts! Carefree attitudes should linger for another couple of weeks giving us one last chance to enjoy all of our favorite Summer activities! I hope you all had a fabulous Summer like us and enjoy these last few weeks.


"A Fairytale Room"

For the past few days I have been working on my little girl's fairytale bedroom. Of course we have a few more things that we are waiting on that her mama-net(aka grandma) made for her princess dream room.

I know it's a lot of pink in there. What can I say the girl LOVES the color. With a touch of purple here & there it's going to be perfect!

She has walked around all day saying, "I'm pretty as a princess in my dream room".This is a room that every little girl who loves a good fairytale can dream of.



OK! So, I finally got my blog up and running. After a hard time setting it up I feel excited about it. Now comes the fun stuff, right lol. I'm not much of a writing so this is going to be a challenge for me. I know, your saying Kelly really? Your a scrapbooker! This should come easy to you! WRONG. For those who really know me I hold off the journaling on my layouts to the last minute. Sometimes I'm sad to say it never even happens. So with this in mind If I get anything from posting to my blog, it's journaling. No matter if it's on a layout, blogging, or just writing down my thoughts in a book.