Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner??

  I can't believe it's almost that time of year again. Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?? It seems like yesterday we were bringing in the New Year of 2009. Before you know it we will be counting down the seconds to 2010, setting goals for the New Year & look forward to what the year will bring. 

   I know a lot of you are just getting over the Thanksgiving weekend, but This weekend the Hansen household started to fell the holiday spirit. We pulled out all the decorations and even put up the artificial Christmas trees. We decorated all the trees but the one in the livingroom. Good thing cause my husband decided he wanted a real tree this year. Growing up my family always put up an artificial so I wasn't really sure how I felt about a real one. Well, we took off Sunday mid morning just to look around at the trees. Guess what we brought home? You guessed it, an 8 foot Christmas tree. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!! So I packed up the artificial in the livingroom and Jay set up the live tree. So today we will decorate. Man do I love Christmas!

I hope you all take the time to enjoy the next month with Christmas songs, holiday dinners, making that crafty gift, shopping for that special someone, and just enjoying the family & friends around you. Life is to short to waste it away. One day we will all look back and cherish these very moments we are making. So enjoy them now, reminisce later!!

Hope you all have a great Monday!
-ME  :)



is a time to be Thankful for all you have. It's a wonderful time to visit with family & friends, a reason to eat lots of turkey, and no one getting on to you for taking a long afternoon nap. I love spend time with my friends & family from back home cause there is never a dull moment that passes by. Everyone is always having a blast. I am so Thankful to have that chance to be with family & friends this Thanksgiving.  

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now lets get ready for Christmas!!!


"Count down to Thanksgiving"

Well I let Wed. get by without posting. So here is a little thankful post for my blog.
I am so happy to have family that love me in my life.This year my parents are spending Thanksgiving with my brother & his family, so my cousin invited me to spend the holiday with them. So we packed up the family and headed to Alabama. With a warm welcome we came into a house smelling like Thanksgiving already.With the kids running around, cooking going on in the background, & late night talking it reminded me of the hoildays back home. Nomatter where you spend your holiday or who you spend it with I hope you all have wonderful Thanksgivng, build memories that will last and eat until your stuffed lol.!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
-Me  :)


It's time for another daily THANKFUL posting.

I am so Thankful to have a husband that supports me in everything I do. I am thankful for the warm embraces when he comes home. Even after six years of marriage, we still look forward to each other's arrival with excitement. He has truly showed me what a husband, father & a best friend should be. He has made my life complete and I couldn't imagine my life without him.

Have a Hopeful and Happy Thanksgiving week.
  -ME   :)


Week of taking daily pictures has begun..

Week of taking daily THANKFUL pictures has begun. Each day I will post a picture sharing with you what I am Thankful for. Big or small there is so much we should be thankful for. No matter what it is don't take things for granted. 

I am so thankful to have two wonderful and healthy children. They truly love life and know how to live without any worry at this age. When I'm stressed out holding them is the one thing that takes it all away. Seeing them smile, happy and carefree is something to be thankful for.

What are you THANKFUL for today??
Hope you have a blessed day!
-ME  :)


When it comes to paper...

Sitting in the STUDIO waiting for something to jump out at me I looked over and saw a great sketch. I knew what picture to use but what paper and embellishments to use was the big question?????? There are so many paper lines I love but finding that right one for a layout is always so hard. I tend to mix & match so much. When it comes to paper it always takes me putting so much thought into it. But this time I had no problem picking the right mix of papers. See I've had my eyes on Sassafras SWEET MARMALADE for sometime now just not sure how I was going to use it. After opening the pack of paper I found the perfect papers. It's so nice to have everything you need in one pack. No hunting for other papers to go right along with it. I just cut up another piece from the line to add a little embellishment here and there and paired it up with Pink Paislee Expressions Glitter Alphabets in cherry for that perfect look. I think the layout turned out awesome once I was done.

What have you scrapbooked lately??
- ME  :)


I'm back!

My poor little blog. Really, how can someone leave something unattended for so long. After planning for our family vacation and heading to Florida for a week I came back to a unhappy blog. Trying to catch up with everything is a job it's self. I have promised myself to blog at least 3 time this week to get myself back in the swing of things.
On another note, last night I finally got a little time to myself. Of course, I headed to my happy place to scrap, and couldn't resist a good sale. Last night Sweet Memories held their 250 Facebook Fan sale. Everything was 50%off in the store. This was their way of showing "US" the fans that they appreciate us. As you can see everyone had a blast. Some people came prepared to take down anything and "ANYBODY" that stood in their way in getting that product they been wanting for a while lol! By the end of the night everyone was very happy they shop at Sweet Memories
 & are glad they #1 fans of the store.

Thanks to Erin & Carolyn Waters.
 We appreciate everything you do at